The different media that I work with and my sociopolitical opinion is what led me to do this project. Since I try to find a balance between analog and digital material in my work, it is also appropriate to find this balance between technology and physicality in peoples lives. Technology has become such a major part of this society, especially during Covid-19, that the people have become dependent of it. I want to involve you in my work process while simultaneously illustrating a story of everyday life behavior and activity around this technological dependency and what are the consequences of living such a life. 
The project is called 'Work in Progress', because it's important to not always want to reach a goal as fast as possible, but to slow down and take a detour instead of a short cut. The way you get to your goal is as important as the goal itself.
This is the project that I graduated with from the University of the Arts Utrecht. ​​​​​​​
WIP Page Two Risograph
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WIP Page Seven Risograph
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