Marijn is layering different worlds and perspectives together in his work on content and material level. It creates a rich work process and various sides in the context of the work. He thinks it’s important to let everyone know your different ways of how you can express yourself and showing what you’re capable of. 
Almost all of his work dives into different materials and switches from analog to digital media. No matter what he's working with, like pencil drawings, filmmaking, painting, making music, printing techniques or animation, he always manages to bring everything in his work process together like a collage. He investigates the world as we know it and succeeds in making a world crisis degrade to a personal level. The everyday life surrounding is a base for Marijn to distort from.
Blue Bayou Solo Exhibition - Blue Bayou, Stadstrand, Zwolle, The Netherlands (2023)
Graduation Show - Collective Show, LOU, Utrecht, The Netherlands (2021)
Show Me The Money - Collective Show, HKU Media, Utrecht, The Netherlands (2020)
No Planet No Fun, The Exhibition - Collective Show, WeWork, Barcelona, Spain (2020)
2.01 - Collective Show, Hooghiemstra, Utrecht, The Netherlands (2019)
OMGESLAGEN - Collective Show, De Utrechtse Boekenbar, Utrecht, The Netherlands (2018)

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