We all have a part in the environment. We all share the humanized preferences of individualism and that's why no one sees themselves as a member of the human raise, because it just seems like it isn't your responsibility. So no one is to blame when it comes to deforestation, littering and pollution?
I made these Risographs (200 gr. Biotop A3) to tell the story about the subconscious mind of the consumer.  Can I put out contradictory messages to the individual to  prevent cognitive dissonance reduction from happening? Can lighthearted non-judgemental reports about climate ignorance give people a reason to not ignore the climate?
The title of this project is called Niet Schadelijk / Not Harmful, as a form of reversed psychology. It's also referring to people who think that we don't harm the climate and who think that the climate won't harm us. Maybe we don't see the results of our way of living now, but we'll soon see. That's why everyone needs to act now.​​​​​​​
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